Things To Do In Salima | Nankoma Island

The festive season is coming up, and thanks to Covid-19, the flight rates are still high, and most of us will not be able to leave the country for the festive season – which is a yaay thing for domestic tourism.

I spent a few days on Nankoma Island, trying to discover things we can do, and ways we can have fun during this festive season in Salima. I realised there is so much we can do, and that we don’t get to experience the lake Malawi nearly enough.

Here is a list of 7 things you can do in Salima this festive season:

1. Visit Nankoma Island

2. Go Swimming

3. Go Kayaking

4. Have cocktails by the poolside

5. Partake in watersports

6. Go snorkeling

7. Take the sunset cruise

Watch the video for my full experience

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