‘All New’ Sunbird Waterfront Hotel

The all new Sunbird Waterfront Hotel was launched on the 23rd of September, 2021.

This is an all new hotel – a 4 storey hotel, built just right of the notable Sunbird Livingstonia Beach Hotel.

The hotel is still being constructed, and at the moment, what have been launched are just 46 rooms. Upon completion, they are looking to have 90 rooms, a fully-fledged conference centre, and a whole new restaurant.

Sunbird Waterfront hotel is composed of 10 suites, 4 family rooms, 2 accessible rooms, and 26 deluxe rooms and that all the rooms are fitted with modern amenities and facilities, redefining luxury and fitting international standards.

All the rooms of the resort are facing the lake so as to give customers the best view of the lake every time they spend at facility.

I got to explore the new establishment, and simply loved the premises. I wanted to share with you the few things I came to love about the new hotel. Here is my review of things you will love about he new establishment.

I also reviewed the Sapphire Suite which I stayed in while I was at Sunbird Waterfront Hotel.

Check out this post for my review of the Sunbird Waterfront rooms

Let me know how your stay goes, and if you enjoy your experience as I did.

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