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I spent a few days at Blue Zebra Island Lodge, and got to experience the wonder that is Nankoma Island.

Blue Zebra Island Lodge is a conservation driven lodge aiming to offer a unique and sustainable travel experience. It is exclusively located on Nankoma Island (which forms part of the Marelli Island Archipelago) within the world’s first freshwater national park: Lake Malawi National Park (UNESCO World Heritage site)

Maintaining the wildlife concession for Nankoma, Maleri, and Nakantenga Islands, the lodge works with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to protect diverse ecosystems on and around the three islands.

Blue Zebra is a paradise for nature lovers. It ha luxurious tents overlooking the lake, an infinity pool, cocktail bar and some of the best food in Malawi. The islands support diverse flora and fauna and are a bird watchers paradise. The three islands are home to a vast array of fresh water fish, including some of the most rare and colourful in the world. It is the perfect place to rest and relax at the start or end of your trip!

About Blue Zebra Lodge

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Named after a colourful Cichlid (fish) – Blue Zebra Island Lodge officially opened to guests in October 2013, following a long process of intricate design and construction to create an unobtrusive and eco-friendly lodge. 

The Blue Zebra experience offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation in a tranquil, private setting, with plenty space to social distance. Picture waking up to the sounds of nature, with Lake Malawi’s lightly crashing waves, and chirping birds. You get to choose from a unique set-up with 1 Superior Cottage and 9 en-suite safari-style tented chalets.

Packages include meals inspired by international cuisine, with a touch of Malawi: full breakfast, 2-course lunch and 3-course dinner ; as well as boat transfers at scheduled times and a range of activities. 

You can chill out at the infinity pool with stunning views over Lake Malawi, unwind at the Island Spa, explore by kayak or nature trail, go birdwatching, discover underwater with snorkelling and seasonal scuba, sip a MGT (Malawi gin & tonic) on sunset cruise and more.  An open-air conference centre caters to executive meetings and smaller corporate events.

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