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The Best Cocktails In The Capital | Lilongwe’s Cocktail Bars

When you move to/visit Lilongwe city, you would likely be interested in checking out the night life. There is not much, if someone is asking, and you truly have to hunt for the joints where people go.

I moved to Lilongwe city in December of 2016, and had been planning on sampling the night life. I had seen some people living it up – and wanted to experience it for myself.

Lately, I nearly never drink. Besides the dreaded hangover, the alcohol just does not taste like it used to. My favorite Savannah and I broke up after a good 7 years of loyalty to each other. Beer and I have never seen eye to eye. Spirits can be despicable; with a few exceptions of Jaeger and Tequila from time to time. Wine may never be my thing. I am making peace with all of this.

If I must take alcohol, I will opt for a cocktail – a margarita to be precise. I have been on a quest to find the best cocktail joints in Lilongwe, and it definitely does not fall short! In no particular order, these are some of my favorite cocktail places:

Vision bar is probably the last place you would expect to get some nice cocktails; but my boyfriend likes the bar – and given I am always dragged there; I had to ask (with little to no faith) if the bar makes some cocktails.

Asked the waiters, they denied that they do. However, my boyfriend is convinced that Solo is the best barman in town; and he really lived up to this faith. He smirked, and said that is his specialty.

I noted that he rarely gets to show off his skills, and really showed out! That was the best margarita I have ever had!

La Cantina is a personal favorite of mine, because I am a fan of margaritas, and they have not 1, not 2, but 4 types of margaritas! My favorite is the cucumber chilli.

The barman, Harvey, is so warm and makes the best margaritas.

Zilanie introduced me to the cocktails at Harry’s bar, which is less than half a km from all the places you can find me – I say convenience! It is quite affordable too, and peacable for sundowner drinks.

Vincent’s is not bad with the cocktails either. I am not partial to their margaritas, but totally a fan of the prawn cocktails! All sunbird hotels have a prawn cocktail on the appetiser menu, and trust that you will nearly never be disappointed with it.

Fusion and Khala Cafe

Fusion is well known for it’s cocktails, and you will often be served by Thoko, who is the manager there.

Khala cafe is new in town, formerly known as Chameleon Sports bar. It is an extension of Fusion, and will surprise you with some cocktails on occassion – but only when Thoko is around. Ask for him, and see what mix he can whip up for you.

Orchid Cafe and Restaurant

Most will tell you that Orchid has the best cocktails in Lilongwe, which is probably true if you are into exploring different tastes. They have such a broad menu, and I cannot say I have ever had one bad cocktail.

They also have their cocktails with some (most times humorous) chichewa names, which would be good for some relaxation after a stressful day.

Ama Khofi

I love the non-alcoholic cocktails at Ama Khofi. They have, in my opinion, the best fruit-infused ice-tea in town.

Latitude 13 Hotel

Latitude 13 was where I fell in love with Margaritas. I was looking for something other than ciders – and fell in love with salty-lime-tequila combination, that has stuck to this day.

Coco’s Restaurant

This was a surprise, as I was not aware Coco’s makes cocktails. They were different, fruity, and delicious.

These are only some of my favorite cocktail joints in town. Hope you have a blast exploring the night life, and cocktails of Lilongwe.

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