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Lilongwe’s Exotic Experience | Latitude 13 Hotel

We describe Latitude 13 Hotel as the most chic and most exotic hotel in Malawi.

Located in Area 43, Lilongwe City of Malawi, Latitude 13 Hotels has two sides to the hotel. Originally, the hotel only had one side which was very fancy and very classy. In time, they decide to expand and did so in such an elegant yet rustic manner, much different from the first Side. Latitude 13 was more than glad to open their doors to our team, to give you an inside look on all that they have to offer. We got to explore both side, with slightly more emphasis on “The Other Side”. You will understand why shortly.


Night Time:

The Hotel was elegantly and thoughtfully decorated in some rustic elements that make it feel warm and homely. It is so easy to get comfortable and relax without worrying about messing something up.

The other thing that will absolutely capture your heart is the art detail. It is so beautiful and so careful calculated. With all that is going on in the hotel, there could easily have been “too much going on” but it is so delicated balanced such that it is just enough with nothing lacking.

The food is to die for!

The rooms are cozy.

It has, not just one, but two fully functional swimming pools!

Did somebody say drinks? The bar has a wide variety of drinks and cocktails to serve.

You will feel right at home in their restaurant.

Did we mention they have a gym? Relax and get fit. Yes yes.

And the best thing about the hotel, the Hospitality is just beyond.

Whether you need somewhere to just relax or in fact an entire vacation – if you like rustic but you are also classy at heart, Latitude 13 is the Hotel for you. This Hotel has “Relaxation” written allover it.

Take some time to visit Latitude 13 Hotels the next time you are in Malawi. Happy travelling xx

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