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A Woodland in the Capital | Woodlands Hotel

Woodlands Hotel, Located on Youth Drive right in the City Centre of Lilongwe City is a Malawian/African feel yet Indian themed Hotel right in the Town Setting. Located about 30 minutes from Kamuzu International Airport, Woodlands Hotel is set in the midst of trees and beautiful bushes. The drive down into the Hotel itself simply takes to a different feel of what a city should be.

It is not just called a Woodland for no reason. It is a real woodland. With trees all around you, one could surely easily get lost relaxing in all the fresh air and nature feel.

The Location:

It is secluded yet right in the centre of an extremely busy city. When you enter the hotel, you almost feel like you have left the city and are on the outskirts of the country.

The rooms, entirely cosy and very private. The Hotel has exactly 10 rooms, all identical and situated on the edgy of the Hotel facing the wild Woodland that surrounds the hotel area.

The rooms are carefully decorated in African/Wood elements with two beds in each room, two basket chairs, a wooden wardrobe and a dressing table. One thing to catch your eye is the use of all dark wood in all the elements.

The bathrooms are simple and elegantly decorated as well in white and wooden elements.

The Recreation:

Woodlands Hotel is a good place to relax as it has an art gallery for viewing and buying, as well as a pool area to swim and relax. The swimming pool is open to all members and hotel residents.

The bar:

If you like to let loose and have some fun, Woodlands has definitely got you covered. The hotel has a fully equiped bar right to the left after the reception desk.

The Restaurant:

The restaurant has two location, an indoor and an outdoor restaurant. The Indoor restaurant is right inside the Hotel building and the outdoor restaurant is just right outside it, facing the poolside area.

And did someone say food?

Woodlands has a variety of meals ranging from Malawian dishes to Indian Cuisines. The menu is very affordable and you can definitely see yourself getting lost in the Portuguese Steak or the mixed grill platter for a starter (you did not hear this from us)

Did we mention the VIEW?

If you like nature and adore green on trees, you will be smitten. Day or night, Woodlands serves pretty, natural and no filter!

And the best part about the hotel?

If you visit woodlands Hotel you will most likely be greated by the Manager – Dhiren Thakrar. He is always on site whenever he can. He is eversmiling and always warm to customers. We were absolutely drawn to his energy He makes the places even just so more homely.

We certainly recommend Woodlands Lilongwe Hotel for the next time you are in Lilongwe City.

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