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As part of my 25th birthday celebration, I went on a city-tour of Lilongwe, via air.

It was my first time being on a small aircraft; so besides the fact that I highly recommend doing this as excursion activity in Lilongwe, I wanted to share things one should know before doing this.


You can book your flights via the airport – domestic flights department. You might find it easier if you know the pilots personally as they may assist.

Duration, and Destinations

It is a 30 minutes flight – and goes around the city; far as the malingunde dam, and back into the city. The views are brilliant and magnicent.

A 2017 photo of the Malingunde Dam by Peter J. Makwana

Note that the flight does not land anywhere, before returning to the airport. I don’t know why I was mildly disappointed by this, but I think it would have been pretty cool to actually drop off and experience the Malingunde Dam for a second or two.


It is a small flight, so you may want to wear something comfortable.

It was my birthday, so I felt like dressing up; but optimally you would want to dress in something fairly comfortable.


If you like having some bitings like I do, you may want to buy some snacks and bring them onto the plane, as it is a domestic flight. You can bring some from outside, or buy some in the airport. Alcohol, is however, not allowed.


If you struggle with motion sickness, this tour might not be for you. I was nauseous for a good part of the journey; and by the time we were returning, my tummy was so upset, I threw up. My sister was perfectly fine, however, so perhaps it was just my (lack of) luck.

I hope you enjoy your tour of Lilongwe, and get to see your favorite places in the city from the sky.

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