The 2019 Takulandirani Malawi International Tourism Expo

Malawi is a tourist destination and the objective of hosting the Takulandirani Malawi International Tourism Expo is to promote domestic, regional and international tourism.

The event happened from 26th to 28th April, 2018 at Bingu International Convention Centre in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, and it had a much higher patronage, as compared to previous years.

There were 150 Exhibitors registered for the second edition of Takulandirani Malawi International Tourism Expo, according to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. This was a 100% growth from the event when it happened last year.

I have travelled to all the 28 districts in Malawi, and can attest to the beauty that we hold. I have been to nearly every hotel in the country, with my favorite destinations being Kaya Mawa, and the entire Sunbird Chain of Hotels. I am about to get back on the road to go indepth and get personal with Malawi.

Exhibitors were all set when I arrived. Tha Malawi Catering Service had set up a beautiful food area just outside the Banquet Hall when the exhibitors had set up.

We went around looking at all that was displayed, and I was really pleased with the views.

I spent most of my day at the Department of Museums and Monuments stand. I really enjoy talking to the staff from the department, because they know so much about Malawian history and artifacts, and know I will always learn something new.

Having a chat about Malawian History with Mr. Aaron Khombe from the Department of Museums and Monuments.

Catch my Interview with Mr. Aaron Khombe on the My Malawi Show last year. You will want to see this!

We are about to head out on a tour of Malawi, checking out and writing about all the history and the beauty that this country holds. My starting point will be the department of museums and monuments. These people are, in my opinion, the guardians of Malawian history. They have so much knowledge about Malawi, and I always stand to learn something new!

We will have 2 years to go around and into the depths of Malawi.

I love having conversation with people about Malawi. I am deeply invested in the progression of Malawi – and love to learn how the different sectors are doing in Malawi.

Having a chat with JasonDus about his music at the Zaluso Arts stand.

The Secretary to Government, Lloyd Muhara, opened the event around 5PM as the guest of honor, and said that government is trying to make the country more attractive by removing barriers that discourage tourists.

“Malawi is working on issue of visas and removing other barriers that frustrate tourists and general travel to make Malawi more attractive to visitors,” he said.

The Secretary to Government, Lloyd Muhara, having a toast with the CEO of Sunbird Hotels and Resorts, Yusuf Olela.

My favorite stand at the Exhibition had to be the Sunbird stand. It was arranged nicely, and was a true representation of the Sunbird experience.

The Managerial and Marketing Team at Sunbird Hotels and Resorts.

We were earlier for the second day of the expo, and that was when we got a chance to check out a few more stalls.

I was dressed by KBG from “Nyali Wear” and we were determined to slay! I am still trying to define my style, and love taking some fashion risks every so often. How cool were these pants and waist coat?

Photos taken by Cine City Media

We had a little more time to go around the event on the second day, and found some ladies showing you what I would call “a true Malawian experience”.

The staple food of Malawi is “Nsima”, and these ladies how we make the flour i.e. “Ufa” used to make the nsima.


I once asked on my social media what is the most Malawian thing a foreigner would want to learn, and take back home – and Murhenderhe suggested Bawo. I had never thought of it that way, but she was correct.


I ran into Peter Makwana outside the event, and had a good chat about tourism as always.

We made our way inside, when we ran into a performance (thank goodness we did not miss it) by the Music Crossroads. These kids are way too amazing in my opinion!

The Music Crossroads Crew
Celebrating Malawian heritage through Music and Dance.

The expo is meant to create a platform for engagement and exchange of knowledge, business opportunities, skills and best practices among various local industry players as well as international and regional players under one roof.

The last day was the biggest, as it was open to the entire public, and was heavily patronaged.

I alway dress by KBG in my lovely “Straight outta Malawi fit” and I was so here for it!

I was such a fan of the jackets. They come in all sorts of “Dashiki” designs, and are still the prettiest thing I have seen in the while.

Now that was a winner for me. I think every outfit desrves just an inch of edge, wouldn’t you agree?

The event opened with a fashion in the morning, and praise the good Lord I was not underdressed.

We followed this up with a presentation of gifts (Vacations, Spas and Dinners) to lucky people who were in attendance at the Expo.

I had my lovely little MCs helping me dish out the wonderful prizes.

We wrapped the wonderful three days with a performance from Patience Namadingo, and the band performed for no less than 2 hours. I was somewhere in the crowd trying to capture every moment.

We spent the afternoon eating Usipa, dancing to “Mtendere” and “Tandigwireni”, celebrating what it means to be Malawian.

My favorite Malawian Delicacy, Usipa
The legendary Patience Namadingo

I am so looking forward to the next Expo!

Takulandirani Malawi!

All my love,


All photography by Cine City Media +265 888 41 01 10

and Kinglinc Media +96598509816/+265 886 26 52 04

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