Fine Dining In Blantyre

By Xara

Eating out in Blantyre is not an easy task. There are only a handful of marvelous (read acceptable) establishments scattered across the city and even fewer fine dining restaurants – 3 to be precise.

Fine dining restaurants are typically high end and fancier eateries that provide the highest quality of food. I have been to restaurants that serve some of the most exquisite meals I have ever had in this city but still, I don’t consider them fine dining restaurants because of the atmosphere.

Personally, I feel décor and ambiance are what separate the fine from the casual, the environment must feel exclusive and the service must leave you with a sense of importance.

Soy and Cozi Restaurant

At Amaryllis hotel has all the trappings of a fine dining experience – A unique aesthetic and décor, breath taking views and excellent service.

Their menu offers a selection of East Asian,African and Italian cuisine but unfortunately without the wine pairings as they are a none alcoholic establishment.

The Food

I always encourage people to order something different every time they eat out but it seems I cannot live up to my own standards. I am at this point practically addicted to prawns and noodles, they have become my chips and chicken if you may.

On this exceptional evening (it was exceptional because conversation was flowing inspite of the non alcohlic orange juice) I had stir fried prawns with mushroom tossed in oyster sauce with a subtle pepper flavor which was truly divine.

How to get there

Directions according to Google maps

Why I loved it

  • Stunning views
  • The food is worth it
  • Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere
  • Everyone is on their best behaviour,conversating and not taking pictures
  • POS machine

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments which fine dining establishment I should visit next.

Love always


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